The Department of Pharmacology prides itself on its commitment to research.  All of the full-time primary and adjunct faculty members in Pharmacology receive external research support from agencies such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and a significant number also have been awarded competitively funded salary support. Broadly speaking, neuroscience, cardiovascular and diabetes research are the areas, which figure most prominently, in the current academic life of the Department.  Research related to other areas of enquiry is also represented to a lesser extent.

Recent Research Achievements

March 2016: Dr James Hammond - The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada - "SLC29A4 In Cardiovascular Function and Dysfunction".

Dr Frances Plane - The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada - "Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels As Targets For Novel Vascular Drugs".

January 2016: Dr Elena Posse de Chaves - Alzheimer Society of Alberta & NWT - "Protein Prenylation and Autophagy in Alzheimer's disease".

July 2015: Dr Rick Schulz - CIHR Foundation Grant - "Matrix metalloproteinases in cardiovascular health and disease: from bench to bedside".

Dr Stephane Bourque - CIHR Transitional Operating Grant - "Developmental programming of cardiovascular function by iron deficiency: early mechanisms and therapeutic interventions".

Dr Harley Kurata - CIHR Transitional Operating Grant - "Atomic resolution pharmacology of anti-epileptic drugs".

June 2015: Dr Peter Smith - NSERC Discovery Grant - "Investigation of the Anti-Allodynic Actions of Gabapentinoids".

Dr James Hammond - NSERC Discovery Grant - "Equilibrative nucleoside transporters: Post-translational regulation and protein interactions".

March 2015: Dr Peter Light was awarded in a CFI competition on a grant for "Facilitating anti-arrhythmic drug discovery and optogenetics-based therapies".

Dr Patrick MacDonald was awarded a Canadian Diabetes Association operating grant on "Receptor signalling and novel roles for PI3 kinases in rodent and human islet function".

Dr Simonetta Sipione was successful in obtaining funding from the Huntington's Society of Canada for a project entitled "Establishing a fast pipeline from high content screening to preclinical compounds to clinical trials for Huntington's disease".

January 2014: Dr Patrick MacDonald was awarded a 5 year CIHR operating grant for studies on "Novel roles for K+ channels in islet function and the pathophysiology of diabetes"

Dr Gary Lopaschuk was awarded a 5 year CIHR operating grant for studies on "Energy substrate metabolism in the ischemic and non-ischemic heart"

Drs Jason Dyke and Peter Light were awarded an Alberta/Pfizer Translational Research grant from AIHS for studies on "Novel Multifunctional Small Molecules for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation"