S. Bourque


Bourque, Dr Stephane  (Adjunct Professor)
3-020H Katz Group Centre
(☎) 780.492.6000


Mechanisms of blood pressure control and vascular function in health and disease


P. Cheung


Cheung, Dr Po-Yin  (Adjunct Professor)
9-50 Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.3159


Novel interventions to improve the recovery from neonatal asphyxia


A.S. Clanachan


Clanachan, Dr Alexander (Sandy)  (Professor)
9-43C Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.0512


Pharmacotherapy of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury


W. Colmers


Colmers, Dr William F  (Professor & AHFMR Medical Scientist)
9-36 Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.3933


Actions of neuropeptides in the brain- energy balance, anxiety


M. Davies


Davies, Dr Martin  (Faculty Service Officer III-Teaching Associate Professor)
9-70D Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.0946


J. Hammond


Hammond, Dr James  (Professor)
9-57 Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.3414


Purine Transporters: Pharmacology, Structure-Function Analysis and Regulation


A. Holt


Holt, Dr Andy  (Associate Professor)
9-58A Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.8620


Molecular pharmacology and kinetic analyses of amine oxidases and other enzymes


B. Hubbard


Hubbard, Dr Basil P  (Assistant Professor)
9-10A Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.248.1789


Therapeutic modulators of aging and age-related disease


P. Jurasz


Jurasz, Dr Paul K  (Adjunct Assistant Professor)
3-142E Katz Group - Rexall Centre for Pharmacy & Health Research
(☎) 780.492.2120


Pharmacology of platelet-derived angiogenesis regulators


B. Kerr


Kerr, Dr Bradley J   (Adjunct Associate Professor)
9-28 Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.3268


Mechanisms of chronic pain after CNS injury or disease


H. Kurata


Kurata, Dr Harley
6-126 Li Ka Shing Centre
(☎) 780.492.9177


Ion channel function and modulation in human disease


P. Light


Light, Dr Peter  (Professor)
1-005 Li Ka Shing Centre
(☎) 780.492.3077
peter.light@ualberta.ca   WebSite: http://thelightlab.ca


The Light lab aims to discover new therapies for heart disease and diabetes


G. Lopaschuk


Lopaschuk, Dr Gary D  (Adjunct Professor)
4-23A Heritage Medical Research Centre
(☎) 780.492.2170


Understanding how energy metabolism is regulated in the heart under physiological and pathological conditions


P. MacDonald


MacDonald, Dr Patrick E  (Professor)
6-126 Li Ka Shing Centre
(☎) 780.492.8063
patrick.macdonald@ualberta.ca  WebSite: http://www.bcell.org


Mechanisms controlling the hormone secreting cells of the pancreatic islets of Langerhans in health and disease


Q. Pittman


Pittman, Dr Quentin  (Adjunct Professor)
2144 Health Sciences Centre
University of Calgary
(☎) 403.220.7383


Neuroimmune-endocrine interactions


F. Plane


Plane, Dr Frances  (Associate Professor)
9-62A Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.6645


Vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cell function in health and disease


E. Posse de Chaves


Posse de Chaves, Dr Elena I  (Professor)
9-31B Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.5966


Role of lipids and lipoproteins in neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease


R. Schukz


Schulz, Dr Richard (Rick)  (Professor)
4-62 Heritage Medical Research Centre
(☎) 780.492.6581


Cardiovascular pathobiology of matrix metalloproteinases and reactive nitrogen-oxygen species


J. Seubert


Seubert, Dr John M  (Adjunct Associate Professor)
2-020M Katz Group - Rexall Centre for Pharmacy & Health Research
(☎) 780.492.0007


Investigating the cellular role of cytochrome P450-dervied metabolites of arachidonic acid


S. Sipione


Sipione, Dr Simonetta  (Associate Professor)
9-21 Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.5885


Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in Huntington's disease


P. Smith


Smith, Dr Peter A  (Professor)
9-75C Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.2643


Pharmacology of neuropathic pain


A. Tse


Tse, Dr Amy  (Professor)
9-11B Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.5796


Regulation of calcium signals and exocytosis


F. Tse


Tse, Dr Frederick W  (Professor)
9-12 Medical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.492.3876


Control of exocytosis and cellular excitation-secretion coupling


M. Zaugg


Zaugg, Dr Michael  (Adjunct Professor)
2-150 Clinical Sciences Building
(☎) 780.407.8861


Investigate mechanisms of organ protection including stem cell research

Retired Faculty

Allen, Dr Theresa M  1977-2009 (Professor Emeritus)

Bielkiewicz-Volrath, Dr Bozena  1971-2004 (Associate Professor)

Charnock, Dr John  1968-1981 (Professor Emeritus)

Daniel, Dr Edwin E  1961-1975 & 2001-2010 (Clinical Professor Emeritus)

Deuel, Mrs Judy 1969-2012 (APO - Retired)

Frank, Dr George  1965-1991 (Professor Emeritus)

Gati, Dr Wendy  1988-2006 (Professor Emeritus)

Henderson, Dr Ruth  1967-1988 (Professor Emeritus)

Hudson, Dr Alan  2005-2016 (Associate Professor)

Hunter, Dr E George  1981-2006  (Faculty Service Officer - Retired)

Martin, Dr Ian L  1992-1997 (Adjunct Professor - Retired)

Yeung, Dr Albert  1985-2014 (Clinical Professor Emeritus)