The Department of Pharmacology is an integral part of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta. We are proud of the excellence of our scientific research and our deep commitment to undergraduate and graduate education. Read a statement on the importance of pharmacology in the post-genomic era, from distinguished alumnus Dr Terry Kenakin.



Graduate Student News

Congratulations to Richard Yan-Do (Dr Patrick MacDonald) for being awarded the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) March 2017 Med Star Graduate Student Award. The award is in recognition of their outstanding research publication in Diabetes "A Glycine-Insulin Autocrine Feedback Loop Enhances Insulin Secretion from Human B-cells and is Impaired in Type 2 Diabetes".

Congratulations to the following graduate students on receiving the following awards:

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) Graduate Student Travel Award

  • Caroline Wang (Dr Harley Kurata)

  • Pharmacology Student Services Award

  • Matthew Hubert (Dr Peter Light)
  • Stephanie Lunn (Dr Frances Plane)
  • Ran Wei (Dr Frances Plane)

  • Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) 75th Anniversary Award

  • Scott Campbell (Dr Peter Light)
  • Ana Cotuneanu (Dr Bradley Kerr)

  • Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Graudate Scholarship MSc

  • Ana Cotuneanu (Dr Bradley Kerr)

  • Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD)/Alberta Health Services (AHS) Award

  • Andrej Roczkowski (Dr Rick Schulz)

  • Faculty News

    Dr Martin Davies

    Congratulations to Dr Martin Davies for receiving the 2017 William Hardy Alexander Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. This award "recognizes teaching excellence by academic staff publicly, publicizes such excellence to the University and the wider community, encourages the pursuit of teaching excellence, and promotes informed discussion of teaching and its improvement at the University of Alberta". For more information, please check the UofA's Centre for Teaching and Learning.

    Dr Gary Lopaschuk

    The Department of Pharmacology is pleased to announce the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry ​201​7 Excellence in Mentoring Award Winners​ ​recipients: Dr Gary Lopaschuk (Tier I) and Dr Frances Plane (Tier II). For more information, please read the latest news on FoMD Research Awards.

    Dr William Colmers has been named the Alumnus of the Year by the Hotchkiss Brain Institute in recognition of scientific, professional and academic excellence. This achievement was in recognition of his outstanding work in studying the actions of Neuropeptide Y in the central nervous system and its involvement in epilepsy, obesity, cachexia and anxiety.

    Congratulations to Dr Peter Smith for being this years recipient of the Neuroscience Students' Association award for 'Excellence in Teaching'.

    The Department of Pharmacology is pleased to announce the ​201​7-201​8 McCalla Professorship​ ​recipient: Dr Frances Plane. The McCalla Professorship​s​ recognize our colleagues' ​contributions to student learning as well as their commitment to integrate teaching​ and research ​at the University of Alberta. For more information, please read the latest news on The Quad.

    Dr Basil Hubbard has been named one of 5 new Canada Research Chairs (CRC) in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. The CRC program was designed to attract and retain some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds. CRC funding will allow our researchers to pursue their groundbreaking research and improve the health of Canadians.


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    Pharmacology Graduate Student Recruitment Award:

    Students with an Honours degree in Pharmacology from the U of A and a GPA of 3.7 or higher are eligible to receive a Pharmacology Graduate Student Recruitment Award on entering our graduate program.

    Social Events:

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